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A Tale Of Woe

& Redemption

“Out of the pan and into the fire”

Hey! You’re walking out that door for the last time, gold watch gripped firmly in hand. Behind you lies 40 years of dedicated service to the rat race – supporting other peoples’ dreams. And underlying all of this was your own dream, that someday you’d retire and you’d be your own person once again, in charge of your own life….that
someday you’d have that shiny new mobile home, that transport to the carefree life style where you could travel anywhere on a whim. You are now RETIRED!!

So, now you and your better half have sold the mansion in the burbs for a nice profit, and moved into a cozy little 2-bedroom bungalow. SO far so good. And look, the profit
on the mansion plus the 401K money is enough for a down payment on a new 45-foot motor home with a few thousand left over for gas and other expenses. Perfect!

So, away you go on a month-long tour of the national parks. Then, eventually, when you have seen your fill of national parks, and dreams of that nice little bungalow
start to replace the RV dreams in your brain, you head home.

And now the fun begins. Where are you going to park this 45-foot monster? Your HOA says not here, not in your driveway and not in your yard, but they provide no
alternative. You call around to the storage yards. If they have any spaces available at all, that space would probably be just a piece of dirt out in the open in the hot sun
that rents for $100-150 /mon, or you might find an air-conditioned locker in an indoor RV palace for a mere $600-1,200 /mon. However, it’s only fair to warn you that, in many of these A/C-controlled, “concierge type” storage buildings, management often takes over your rig at the gate and leaves you outside looking in, without any access to your RV while it’s in storage, which also begs the question: ”Since when does a machine need air conditioning?”

So, isn’t there anything available in a more reasonable “intermediate” price range that will give you what you really need – protection from the sun – without all the unnecessary (and expensive) frills? Yes, there are actually two options.

A few storage yards provide the old-style multi-vehicle carport covers you see in practically every commercial parking lot. You don’t see these very frequently in RV
storage yards because (1) the extra height required for RVs (14 ft – 15 ft) raises some serious engineering problems, and (2) they are not economical in small quantities of less than 40 or 50 vehicles. Therefore, when a yard decides to install this type of shelter, they usually cover the entire yard to reduce the cost per RV space. However, the huge up-front investment to do this is beyond the means of most storage yard owners.

But I did say there were two options.

The second option is the individual shelters provided by TITAN all STEEL Vehicle Shelters. (Fanfare, please.) TITAN specializes in building 14 ft – 16 ft-tall, single-vehicle shelters, 12 ft or 20 ft wide, specifically designed to protect large RVs during inclement weather, and especially from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. And there are no extra charges for any silly, useless “features” or “services”.

TITAN is a nation-wide company providing covered storage in large quantities to storage yard owners, as well as standard and customized shelters for individual RV
owners. Customization of our shelters is limited only by your imagination, and includes your choice of roof colors and styles (no extra charge), 90% UV protective side curtains (if you want them), extra interior width (up to 20 ft.)

And, talk about snazzy options, how about a built-in work bench and tool storage for those guys for whom a motor home, or trailer is more than just a set of very impressive wheels. Or, if you have one of the newer models, already wired for solar, a solar panel to Keep your batteries continuously charged so you can run your power tools, refrigerator and even your A/C and TV to keep your Man Cave always at optimum readiness to hit the road in case the sudden urge hits. Well, isn’t that what RVing is all about?

Your beautiful (and Very expensive) new rig deserves at least the same protection you give your family car – a garage to protect it from weather-related damage. TITAN provides that protection…. you take care of the enjoyment yourself, worry free.