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Fact 1

There’s a growing demand for RV storage nationwide


Fact 3

RV storage facilities practically run themselves.


Fact 2

New home developments have no backyards large enough.


Fact 4

Low operational cost and little maintenance!

Who We Are, What We Do

Why we do it.

MY name is Dave Shields and my partner is Ron Smithburger (Hold the cheese, please 😊).

I am a retired financial manager, formerly with GE and L.A. County, Ron is essentially a multi-faceted entrepreneur who currently operates both a golf simulator rental business as well as one that involves sophisticated website design for large corporations, (and, of course, for TITAN too).

We recently started TITAN up as a new business to address an issue of total neglect. We believe that

In January 2019 I purchased a camping trailer, assuming, naively like most new RV owners, that GOD had provided a place to park this vehicle when not in use. Well, HE did live up to that promise….with one minor exception. (Please don’t strike me dead for this.) My poor RV was sitting in a large, open lot, cooking in the hot, 115-degree desert sun (YOUR creation too I believe), without any cover or other protection from the destructive UV rays of the sun. I looked around the yard. It looked like a graveyard where once-expensive RVs come to die. And it looked like mine would be joining them in just a few more years.

So, I was discussing my dilemma one day with my friend Ron, and he suggested I get a shelter for my RV (Ron’s a really smart guy.) So, in order not to appear as dumb as I felt, I began to research “RV shelters” on Google. What I found was mostly cheap fabric-covered carports and party tents, most of which focused on quick setup and take down so the owner could knock down the shelter quickly in the event of a storm warning — not quite what I was looking for.

Meanwhile, Ron was developing our website and our eventual social media campaign, and, at the same time desperately trying to help his 12-year-old son Aidan survive leukemia…… Ron succeeded and Aidan is doing well, so far. (If you have an interest in following Aidan’s recovery progress, he has a website that gets updated regularly. (https://chemofree.org) In fact, it would be nice If you could send Aidan a brief note of encouragement and congratulations. This gutsy little guy has suffered a lot with chemo,,etc. over the past few years, and would be thrilled to know someone out there cares.)

But I digress. In any case, the tents were too flimsy, and steel buildings were custom-made starting at $15k and up……with one exception. Versa Tube offered a do-it-yourself kit for a reasonable price. In short, we liked the design, bought one, and built it ourselves

The shelter was fine, but we had two concerns,
(1). The installation took two days instead of one as advertised, no doubt a reflection of our inexperience at the time.
(2), More importantly, we felt the stake and cable set that came with the kit was not adequate to anchor the shelter in even a mild windstorm. We were right. the shelter did move in a fairly strong wind. But we noticed that the instruction manual provided detailed instructions on how to build a concrete slab, in which they appeared to be steering us in that direction. It was really the vendor’s way of saying: “We’re not in the concrete business. We build Steel Shelter kits (which we warranty for 20 years) but after you receive our kit, you’re pretty much on your own.”

In our minds, the cost of a slab was prohibitive, more than the cost of the shelter itself. So, we designed a totally new, above-ground footing designed specifically for RV shelters. Yet they are heavy enough and strong enough to satisfy any local building code. These footings are currently in the patent process.


Pricing and FAQs

Approximately how much will a shelter cost me?

The price of an RV shelter 12 or 14 ft tall and 12 or 14 ft wide will average about $3,000 installed, depending on the length of the shelter, and the type of roofing material you choose. You could probably get into a low-end 20ft shelter for as little as $2,000, whereas a 48 ft shelter (our largest) might run as much as $5,000 or more, again, depending on type of construction, etc.  Carports, which are usually about 10 ft wide, 20 ft long, and 8 to 10 ft tall, generally run around $2,000 installed, again depending on type of construction. One point worth noting: Steel roofing will cost around $1,000 more than fabric, primarily because of the extra labor to install.

What are your terms of payment?

We require 50% down payment payable with the order, and the balance due upon installation following your final inspection and acceptance.

What is the replacement cost?

Your website describes the fabric roof as “replaceable”.
This fabric blocks 90% of UV rays, and It provides nearly pure 100% shade. The manufacturer suggests it has a useful life of 3 to 5 years. We have tested it here in the hot desert sun for two years, and so far, it shows no signs of deterioration. So, we think a 3-year life under the worst conditions is realistic and probably 5 years in a more northern latitude. Cost of replacement $280 for a 20-ft carport including labor, and up to $560 for a 48 ft monster.

What does your 20 year warranty cover?

Our 14 ft tall RV shelters may look kind of flimsy in the photos but we offer a 20 year warranty on our frames, especially in an area where strong winds are common.  We sleep quite comfortably at night knowing that all our 14 ft frames are covered by a 20-year warranty. They are built using heavy duty (14 gauge) 3” x 4” galvanized steel tubing that is welded and bolted together. In addition, the patented above-ground footings provide nearly 2000 lbs. of extra hold-down weight. This structure is rated to withstand 90 mph winds. Anything stronger (a tornado for example), might rip the roof panels off but leave the frame untouched.

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