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Non Profit

A portion of the proceeds will go to a non-profit.
If your interested in a Non Profit or want to contribute to an Endowment Fund towards the non profit, please see the Preferred Non-Profits below:

  • Genevieve’s Dream / Carousel Challenge – Autism/Epilepsy
    Fed Tax Id: 84-323-7883
  • Cannakids.org / SavingSophie.org  – Cannabinoids Products
    Fed Tax Id: 81-4048873
  • Mitchschoolboxclub.com – School Supplies
    Fed Tax Id: 82-2318432
  • Jackhererfoundation.org – Education on Hemp Museum
    Fed Tax Id: 47-3265935
  • ChildrenHungerFund.org – Food in a box
    Fed Tax Id: 95-4335462

Interested in becoming a strategic sponsor please send inquires to: form@mytestwebsite.com or call 800.906.0679

ELF Social Responsibility
Choose a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation of your choice. Our mission is to change the world of the GOLF impact the lives of Women, Diversity, Youth and the Best Foursome game of golf.

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